The Cocoa Lunar Collection [Pre-order]


Our very first snow skin Mooncake collection with a touch of chocolate indulgence. Featuring four distinct flavours to seduce every tastebud:

- Lychee Ruby Truffle:

Lychee snow skin wrapped around lychee scented white lotus paste laced with fresh lychee pulp with a ruby chocolate truffle centre.

- Genmai Kinako Blondie

Genmaicha (Green tea with roasted rice) snowskin and lotus paste encasing a kinako (soybean powder) infused caramelized white chocolate truffle.

- Orange Dark Chocolate

A rich orange 60% dark chocolate truffle bundled in bittersweet dark cocoa lotus paste and snow skin blended with Valrhona cocoa powder.

- Baileys Black Cocoa*

Luscious jet black snow skin and black cocoa lotus paste snuggling a 60% dark chocolate truffle with a splash of creamy Baileys liquor.

*Note: For the non-alcoholic option, the Baileys liquor in Baileys Black Cocoa will be replaced with homemade salted caramel. The other three flavours will remain the same. 

Each mooncake measures approx ~5cm across and weighs at least 60g. Do allow for slight variation in colour and size as each batch is handmade and hand-packed. 

This is a pre-order for mid-end September, please select the dates you wish to receive the mooncakes.

Please kindly note the following timings:


Delivery: 7pm - 10pm

Self-Collection: 5pm - 8pm


Delivery: 3pm - 6pm

Self-Collection: 3pm - 6pm


For more information on delivery/self-collection, please visit our FAQs page.

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