Hojicha Brownies


Using only Hojicha powder imported from Kyoto, our Hojicha brownies are bittersweet from both the dark chocolate base as well as the concentrated Hojicha layer. Silky smooth and richly indulgent, these tea-chocolate fusion pieces are perfect for tea lovers looking for a decadent post-dinner treat (or pre-dinner, we're not gonna judge). 

1 pie-cut brownie measures 5 inches across, cut into 6 slices.

Do allow for slight variation in colour and size as each batch is handmade and hand-packed.  

Please note the following timings:


Delivery: 3pm - 6pm

Self-Collection: 3pm - 6pm


Delivery: 5pm - 8pm *new timing!*

Self-Collection: 5pm - 8pm


For more information on delivery/self-collection, please visit our FAQs page.