Custom Tartlet Sets

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Choose from over 15 of our uniquely crafted flavours for your perfect dessert platter to celebrate any occasion.

Our Chocolate

We use 60% Dark Couverture Chocolate. While there are cheaper chocolate compounds in the market, you won't get the silky smooth sinfulness that comes with couverture, so we don't use that because you deserve better.

Psst, Couverture contains a minimum of 31% cocoa butter.

Why is this important? Cocoa butter melts at body temperature, which is why you get that luscious melt-in-your-mouth texture when you enjoy a couverture chocolate dessert. The high percentage of cocoa butter gives you an exceptionally smooth texture, & the fine quality of the cocoa beans brings a true, deep flavour.

Words from happy tummies

"Brownies were super dense, chocolatey, fudgey and oh so ooey gooegy, just what we would expect from a good brownie. Amazing job with the bakes!"
"My mum shushed me while she was having the original fudge brownie!"
"It was basically 2 desserts in 1! Straight out of the fridge and you get a nice bittersweet fudge. But heat it up and you get a lovely moist brownie!!! My family and I loved it!"
"Really loving the Salty Malty brownies! The crunchy texture in the middle makes the brownies taste different from any other brownie!"
"Fireworks in the mouth with The Cocoa Spatula's fudge brownies! "