How do I place an order?

You may place your order through our website. 

Can I place an order for the next day?

All orders have to be placed at least 2 days in advance. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate orders for the next day. Due to the capacity of our humble kitchen, orders require a bit of time and planning to ensure that everyone gets their bakes on time.

Can I make an order via Instagram? 

No. We only accept orders through our website. 

I used to be able to order on Instagram, why am I not able to do so now? 

As we are increasingly receiving more orders (thanks to your support!), we have decided to move away from accepting orders via DMs on Instagram, in order to make our ordering process and operations smoother. This saves us time from collating orders and payment manually, thus giving us more time to focus on delivering quality products. 

Can I reserve slots for certain items? 

Availability of the items are strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. This will ensure that everyone gets an equal chance of securing their items. Do follow us on Instagram to ensure you don’t miss the release of our slots! 

When do you release your slots? 

We generally release our slots at the beginning of every month. We do not have a fixed date as this is dependent on our supply of ingredients. Follow us on Instagram as we announce the release of our slots! 


Can I order products to be delivered on a different day in one order?

Please submit a separate order and payment for EACH delivery date.

E.g. Items to be delivered on 14 Jul - Order #1001

Items to be delivered on 25 Jul - Order #1002

Can I place a customized order?

Customised orders can be made for a minimum spending of SGD150. Please drop us an email at hello@thecocoaspatula.com or DM us on Instagram to enquire. 


Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, you will not be able cancel once the order has been placed. 



What are your available payment methods? 

We accept payment via credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and PayNow. More payment information can be found on our Payment page. 



Do you do delivery?

Yes we do! We provide islandwide delivery at $10 PER LOCATION PER DATE (excluding Tuas, Jurong Island and Sentosa). For orders above $120, we offer free delivery to a single location. This will automatically be calculated at checkout.

If you order multiple items to be delivered on different days, additional charges will apply if all your items are placed in the same order. We will then be reaching out to you separately and will advise the additional charges based on your order. 

When are your delivery days? 

Delivery days are every Tuesday (5pm-8pm) and Saturday (3pm-7pm). Delivery is not available on any other days.

*Note that deliveries in December will be Wednesday 5-8pm and Saturday 3-6pm!*

As we allow our courier to plan their delivery route, we are not able to give you an exact timing on when your bakes will reach.

Can I have my items delivered on other days? 

Delivery is not available on other days except Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Can I deliver to multiple locations?

Yes you may! Please place your orders and pay the standard delivery charge via our website first. This will allow you to secure your items. Do drop us an email after that with the following delivery details! 

Order Number: 

Delivery Location #1: 


Recipient name and contact number: 

Which items: 

Delivery Location #2 


Recipient name and contact number: 

Which items: 

We will then advise the additional delivery charges. Payment for delivery will have to be made within 12 hours of our confirmation of delivery charges.


When can I collect my items?

Self-collection slots are
- Tuesdays: 5pm - 8pm
- Saturdays 3pm - 6pm

Collection can only be done on the day indicated in your order.

We are unable to change your collection date once your order has been confirmed. 


Can I collect my order on a different day from the one that I selected?

No. You can only collect your bakes on the date you have selected when ordering. 


Where is self-collection?

Self collection is at 94B Bedok North Ave 4, exact unit number will be given upon order confirmation. 

Can I send someone to collect my bakes on my behalf? 

Sure thing! Please ensure that the person collecting your items has your order number, name and items that need to be collected.

Feel free to send your own courier (Grab/Lalamove etc) over if preferred. But do note that they will have to present the above information as well so we can ensure that we are handing over the right items to them. 


How long can the bakes be kept and how should I store them?

Keep fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days! They can be enjoyed cold straight from the fridge or warmed up in a microwave on high for 10 seconds, or in an oven at 150 degrees for about 3 minutes,

Keep in an airtight bag for 3 days, preferable in the fridge. They are chewy at room temperature or can be enjoyed warm! (Microwave on high for 10 seconds, or in an oven at 160 degrees for 3-5 minutes.)

Are the bakes halal?

We don't operate in a halal certified kitchen and our ingredients are not halal. However we do not use any pork or lard products in our bakes!

Do you do catering for events?

We are excited to help make an occasion special for you and your loved ones! Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, housewarming etc, we will help plan and customise a menu for your special and will definitely satisfy the tummies of your guests! For catering/private events, please drop us an email at least a month in advance of your event.

How do I leave a review?

Tag us in your IG Stories, or simply DM/email us! We would love to hear from you. Do note that if your Instagram account is not private, we will not be able to see what you’ve shared. Reviews will be shared or reposted on our channels (without personal information of course!). If you have shared your feedback but wish for us to keep it private, just let us know!