[Cha]colate Madeleines Box of 6


Taste tea from different countries in the form of buttery pillowy madeleines covered in a chocolate coating. Our Jeju Matcha and Masala Chai madeleines are available in boxes of 6 pieces.

Jeju Matcha:
Jeju Matcha is slightly more floral and less earthy than its Japanese version, incorporated in both the madeleine as well as the chocolate coating.

Masala Chai Dulcey:
Our personal favourite - spiced masala tea madeleines, coated in a layer of caramelised white chocolate coating. 

Each madeleine measures about 7x5cm. Do allow for slight variation in colour and size as each batch is handmade and hand-packed. 

Madeleines can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days, best consumed as soon as possible.

Available for 17, 20 & 24 April:
Islandwide delivery - 3-9pm ($10)
Self-collection at Tampines North - 7-9pm(17th & 24th), 2-4pm (20th)

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